What Do You Think? Really?

March 2, 2010

Recently, I purchased a griddle for my twelve-year-old daughter who loves to cook. Little did I know about, or even care to understand, the details of the Web 2.0 technology I was using. I searched major on-line retailers and looked at numerous reviews – both good and bad.  These consumers had no qualms about letting everyone know how they thought about a particular product, retailer, purchase price and the customer service they did or did not receive.  They all came across as honest, informed and in fact, they didn’t seem to have a problem typing their true feelings into a computer that was not going to talk back or argue with them. I compared ‘apples to apples’ and ‘apples to oranges.’  I used this amazing tool not only to decide which griddle I would purchase, but also to decide from which retailer I was going to do business with. 

This leads me to my next point. If I were to implement something like this on my website or blog, how would my clients rate me? If they knew they could type in a review on me, anonymously, what would it way?  Would they refer me to a friend or family member?  

I strive to provide professional service to each of my clients. They deserve it. I should be going beyond their expectations as I provide real estate service.  If I am doing my job as I should be, I will not mind my clients sharing their thoughts about me as a Realtor. In fact, as long as my clients, both past and present, are saying nice and positive things about me, it would significantly help my business.  Obviously, anyone using this type of technology would have to ‘up the bar’ so to speak.  You don’t want to give your clients anything bad to say!  This of course, is the flip side. A Realtor not providing good service to their clients, well, let’s just say they are better off not using this technology. 

Another thing to keep in mind: If you ask two opinions of the same situation, you will get two different opinions.  This applies to each real estate transaction as well, each person in the transaction will possibly walk away with a different opinion. Remember, you may think everything was fine and dandy, when in fact, your client was dissatisfied with some aspect of the transaction.  Make sure you are asking your client, throughout the transaction, “How am I doing?”  Try to resolve things before they happen, or at least ‘nip it in the bud’ before it blooms into anything else!

Now – a reflective question.  Do you want to know what your clients are really thinking?


Working Your Sphere Of Influence

March 2, 2010

Hello and welcome to my blog on working your sphere of influence.  My name is Cindy Hope, and my hope for you that you learn some valuable information to help you gain more business through the people you already know.   We all know people.  There are people we are related to, we live next door to, we work with, friends of friends, our children’s teachers, even the cashier at our local one-stop shopping place is a potential client.  Basically, anyone you know is a potential client, and anyone they know is a potential client. And so the ball rolls…

Professional. Now, this may seem very basic, but does everyone know you are a real estate agent? Do you wear your name tag daily? Do you hand out business cards on a regular basis?  No one can ask for your help if they don’t know what you do for a living.

Personal.  Do you keep in contact with past clients? You should regularly keep in touch with anyone you have helped buy or sell real estate. Just yesterday, I called to check on a client who moved into a new home last year. Although I send her something monthly on how to upkeep her home, I do personally touch base every once in a while.  During our conversation, she mentioned the fact that her mom is in the hospital. I will be sending out a card tomorrow. 

Promote.  Ask for referrals or recommendations from your sphere.  Call five  or ten past clients every week and ask them if they or anyone they know are thinking of buying or selling a home. Are you investing in your business by learning all you can about your business? Let others know!

By following these steps, you will be the agent anyone would recommend.

Hello world!

March 2, 2010

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